WTF Album Covers

This page is dedicated to WTF album covers. Below is a list of album covers that may or may not be described as cheesecake, but definitely will make you wonder WTF they were thinking.

Spinners: From Here to Eternally - Nude pregnant lady with spock ears, and there's a dragon...
Yilmaz Koksal - Naked women in an egg, baby chicks...WTF?
Johnny Sex - Face painted on woman's bare butt.
Blow Fly: Disco - Nice costume, weirdo cover with three black women, half naked and a guy in a gold mask...
Predator: Easy Prey - Woman about to be raped on the beach...WTF?
Frankie Yankovic: Dance Little Bird - Scantily clad woman in bird costume having hair pulled by Big Bird.

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