Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hugu Winterhalter Goes Hawaiian Cheesecake Album Cover

This cheesecake album cover by Hugo Winterhalter is Hugo Winterhalter Goes...Hawaiian is an affordable cheesecake album with a hula girl basking in the sun on a beach.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Xavier Cugat: The Best of Cugat Cheesecake Album Cover

That's Abbe Lane posing on the cover of The Best of Cugat by Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra. Back of this gatefold album has the same graphics. This record is available on Amazon with one sealed copy available at $199. The used versions are much, much cheaper.

Fran Jeffries Sings of Sex and the Single Girl Cheesecake Album Cover

Fran Jeffries is a singer and an actress and a model, here she models the cover of her album "Fran Jeffries Sings of Sex and the Single Girl." This cheesecake album cover is pretty tame compared to some of her other modeling. Jeffries has been featured in Playboy on numerous occasions. This album is sometimes available on Amazon and at 8 Track Shack.

Mozart Quintet in E Flat Major / Trio in E Flat Major Cheesecake Album Cover

This London label release of members of the Vienna Octet playing Mozart has a cover with a painting of nude men, women, children and cherubs, they're all in the sea. One lady is laying on a fish and another has seagulls nesting in her crotch. I'm sure the artwork is some famous painting that I probably learned all about in college, but I don't know what it is, but there's a lot going on in it though. If you must own it, there's one available here.

Spinners From Here to Eternally - Is This Cheesecake or Just Creepy

OK, this really should be in the WTF album cover section. You got what looks like a martian landscape with a two headed dragon that has its tail coiled around a nude black woman who looks like she's pregnant. The album is available in numerous formats.  In case you haven't seen this album cover, and were wondering if the back is as silly as the ya go.

Joey Pastrana:The Real Thing - Cheesecake Album Cover

This Joey Pastrana album cover has a nude woman who looks like she fainted and fell on a griffin...and a griffin that looks surprised that it happened. Album is somewhat scarce, none on Amazon right now, here's one for sale, and they pop up on eBay from time to time.

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