Thursday, July 7, 2011

7/8 Cheesecake Album Cover of the Day - Buckie Shirakata: Koga Melody

Today's cheesecake album cover of the day is Koda Melody by Buckie Shirakata and his Aloha Harmonia. This was a Japanese release on the Teichiku label. The cover art goes beyond the cheesecake into the realm of silliness. Sure there's an attractive enough model (non-Japanese on a Japanese label, of course) eating grapes in a seductive manner, but there's also the GIANT text at the top of the album cover....."Best and Best Cool Sound"!!!  Well, if you weren't drawn in by Buckie Shirakata's new album, or the photo of the naked lady eating grapes, surely you just had to buy the album because it was the "best and best cool sound!"

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