Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where Did the Cheesecake Go? Or am I Just Out of Touch?

I'm getting older, I get that. Everywhere all around us things are more progressive, yet lately I've seen less and less newly released music having cheesecake type cover art on LP's or CD's. Is it that it has just stopped, or am I just not listening to, or seeing, the right music? In the 1980's Samantha Fox was selling her music with picture discs like the one pictured.
Then, in the 1990's, did it just disappear, or get more underground? We were subjected to scantily clad Spice Girls spewing their pop and Britney Spears peddling her pedophile bait.

Then in 2000's we had some Christina Aguilera covers that were somewhat risque'.
And now in the 2010's, we're bombarded with Lada Gaga....uh....well....Lady Gaga...
Sometimes it makes you wish it was the 1950's again...

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