Thursday, March 3, 2011

3/3 Cheesecake Album of the Day - Fausto Papetti: Temptation

Today's cheesecake album cover of the day is a Japanese album of the alto saw album Temptation by Fausto Papetti on the globe label. If the cover looks familiar, it's because it used a photo from the same shoot as the Cooty Selmer Sexy Sax album previously featured as a cheesecake album of the day. Same model, same sax, same chair, etc. etc. In fact it's virtually the same pose with the Selmer cover showing the model with the mouthpiece in her mouth and this one shows her looking forward. Fausto Papetti had a lot of albums with cheesecake or nude covers, there seem to be dozens on Google images of Fausto Papetti.

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