Sunday, February 6, 2011

You Gotta Look at All the Pictures on eBay

When you are shopping on eBay, it's helpful to look at all the pictures. The photo above was recently a gallery photo of a little lot of 45's on eBay with the title "Big Lot Misc. Vintage Records 45s."  The description wasn't much more help in determining the contents of the collection. If fact, I only noticed it because the lot sold for $217. That seems pretty good for a $15 record tote full of 45s, until you look at all the pictures. Included with the lot was a Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 on Lance. Condition, not noted, but in near mint that's a $500-1000 record. Which brings me to tip #2 for the day....if you're going to sell lots on eBay, invest in a price guide. For specific sizes/speeds of records, there are numerous Goldmine record price guides and if you're looking for a big all-in-one type guide, go with the Rockin' Records price guide. If you find one valuable record that you'd have otherwise put in a lot and sold for nothing, you'll have made your money back.

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