Friday, February 25, 2011

Two Rarities on eBay Twice in Two Weeks

  If you look in the records category on eBay, you're sure to find a bunch of records with asking prices in the millions of dollars that, according to the listing, are the rarest records in the world. They may really be that rare, often you'll find an oddball record that you cannot find mention of on all of the internet. Sometimes even major label releases are hard to find any info on, or comparables offered for sale. Even though someone wanting a particular record might have to search for three decades of yard sales, record stores and flea markets, it doesn't necessarily make it valuable.
This past week on eBay two of the highest selling records (at just above $7000.00 each) was Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish LP with book. The book has some early artwork by Andy Warhol. It's supposed to be super rare, but two were offered just a week apart.

This happens a lot on eBay. Something sells for a big amount and someone sees it that has it and puts theirs up for sale to cash in, but still finding two insanely rare things in a month makes you wonder about their actual rarity.

The next highest selling records were unplayed "prototype" 12" singles by the Police. The records were offered from different sellers and the picture discs were slightly different, but had the same songs.

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