Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things to Do With Old Worn Out Vinyl Records

So you've got a bunch of old vinyl records and you don't know what to do with them? People still listen to music, ya know? If your records don't suit your taste, are worn out and scratched, or you don't have a record player, there are still some things you can do with them.

First thing to not try... Using your vinyl records as Frisbees!  This was actually suggested in an article on Lifehackery.com.  This could be dangerous...and painful, but it could also be extremely entertaining and amusing, so whatever, have fun.

Lifehackery also suggests using them as BB gun targets, ping-pong paddles, clocks and bowl.  Back in the 80's (and probably before that too) it was cool to make bowls out of records.  Apparently it's coming back in vogue as you can find numerous sites selling all sorts of variations of these bowls, just on Amazon.com alone, there is a wide selection of vinyl record bowls in different shapes and sizes.  Etsy has many handmade products from crafters, some of which include painted vinyl record mirrors.

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