Monday, January 31, 2011

1/31 Cheesecake Album Cover of the Day - A Night in Bedlam

Today's cheesecake album cover of the day is an Adam Stag Party record of wild party songs entitled, A Night in Bedlam. The album is available here at 8 Track Shack for $25. There looks to be some remnants of tape across the cover girl's breasts. Why bother covering up the skin on an album that contains raunchy humor? Seems odd.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Black Keys & Other New Releases on Vinyl

Yeah, they're still making vinyl records. The new Black Keys album, Brothers, comes as a two LP set and even includes a bonus CD, so you can listed to it in your car. Lot of new releases have come out on vinyl in the past few years, including some reissues of classics as well as true new release albums. Amazon offers quite a few new vinyl releases that you can add to your collection.

Wonderful Tropical Night - Cheesecake Vinyl Album Cover of the Day

Today's cheesecake album cover of the day is a 1960's easy listening various artist compilation on MGM, Japanese import, Wonderful Tropical Night, Night Music for You. This album is all cheesecake front and back. Valued at roughly $70.

Scorpio & His People: The Unforgiven - 45 Sells for $4400

This copy of Scorpio and His People, The Unforgiven / Theme From Movietown Sound 45 record on International Hits just sold on eBay for $4400. Not many are known to exist, but there have been two on eBay within the past year that I saw.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hal Otis: Speak Low - Cheesecake Album Cover of the Day

This Hal Otis & Orchestra, Speak Low 1950's vinyl LP on the Westminster label sold this week on eBay for almost $150. Who's Hal Otis? Who cares, the album cover has a huge image of Jayne Mansfield in what might have been a dress. Nobody ever bought this album for the music, not even in 1957, though I'm sure that there were many wives that were told just the opposite...and probably many husbands that had to actually listen to the record.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Rarest Record in the World - Only $21 Million on eBay

The rarest record in the world is currently being offered on eBay with a price tag of just $21,000,000.00! Better act fast before this one slips away.  The record is a popcorn northern soul acetate of Moses.  Mint- condition. If you've got an extra ten or twenty million dollars and don't mind sending it to a seller in Belgium, this record could be yours! The seller even offers FREE SHIPPING! Bonus!

For a full list of the seller's items, check out his current listings.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things to Do With Old Worn Out Vinyl Records

So you've got a bunch of old vinyl records and you don't know what to do with them? People still listen to music, ya know? If your records don't suit your taste, are worn out and scratched, or you don't have a record player, there are still some things you can do with them.

First thing to not try... Using your vinyl records as Frisbees!  This was actually suggested in an article on  This could be dangerous...and painful, but it could also be extremely entertaining and amusing, so whatever, have fun.

Lifehackery also suggests using them as BB gun targets, ping-pong paddles, clocks and bowl.  Back in the 80's (and probably before that too) it was cool to make bowls out of records.  Apparently it's coming back in vogue as you can find numerous sites selling all sorts of variations of these bowls, just on alone, there is a wide selection of vinyl record bowls in different shapes and sizes.  Etsy has many handmade products from crafters, some of which include painted vinyl record mirrors.

Latin Fever Jungle Themed Cheescake Album Cover

She's lion, she's a tiger, she's half naked in leopard skin undies playing a drum.  Neat old Jack Costanzo, Latin Fever 33rpm cheesecake album cover. Originally released in 1957 on the Liberty label.

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